Service & Product

TOM'S Racing, also known as TOM'S (Toyota Original Modified Sports), is a prominent Japanese racing and tuning company specializing in performance modifications for Toyota vehicles.

Established in 1974, TOM'S has a rich history in motorsports and has collaborated closely with Toyota to develop performance parts, race cars, and tuning packages.

TOM'S is well-known for its involvement in various motorsport disciplines, including Super GT, Super Formula, and endurance racing. They have achieved significant success in these racing series, accumulating numerous championships and victories over the years. In addition to their motorsports endeavors, TOM'S offers a wide range of aftermarket performance parts and accessories for Toyota vehicles. These include suspension components, exhaust systems, body kits, aerodynamic enhancements, engine upgrades, and more. TOM'S parts are known for their high quality, performance-oriented design, and precision engineering. TOM'S has a strong reputation among car enthusiasts and Toyota enthusiasts worldwide, and their products and tuning services are sought after by those looking to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their Toyota vehicles.