Car AC Repair & Maintenance

At our facility, we prioritize the use of genuine spare parts or high-quality OEM products with warranties for all our services, including air conditioning service and repairs. When it comes to air conditioning flushing, we utilize the VSTAR MDC-12D+ CAR A/C FLUSHING MACHINE, a specialized tool designed to thoroughly clean and flush the air conditioning system of vehicles. This advanced machine effectively removes contaminants, debris, old refrigerant oil, and residual refrigerant from the system, resulting in improved cooling efficiency and optimal performance. By regularly performing A/C flushing, we not only enhance the system's functionality but also extend its lifespan, ensuring our customers enjoy reliable and long-lasting air conditioning in their vehicles. Furthermore, for repairs, we exclusively use genuine parts, such as Denso products, or high-quality OEM alternatives, guaranteeing the integrity and performance of the repaired components. Our commitment to utilizing genuine spare parts and quality OEM products with warranties remains steadfast, providing our customers with the assurance of reliable solutions and the highest standards of service.

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