In addition to what a pollen type Cabin Air Filter can do, DENSO's Green Clean Air Filter does more.

The activated carbon layer of the filter removes foul-smelling exhaust gases and other odours, while the anti-viral chemicals on the filter suppresses the growth of viruses on the filter.


Unique Selling Point

Anti-viral: Effectively blocks out viruses!

Deodorizing: Activated carbon eliminates foul smells!

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal: Total anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection!

Consistent Ventilation: Smooth air flow!
Superior dust removal: Traps PM2.5 *1, *2, *3, *4


Packaging Design



Please follow installation guide as per car owner's manual and on the back of the packaging box.





Five Unique Selling Points :
Contributing to a more comfortable car cabin environment


Effectively blocks out viruses!
Anti-viral chemicals in the green layer ensure a comfortable cabin environment.
Test requested by: Japan Food Research Laboratories.
Test method: A filter fragment approximately 3cm x 3cm is placed under dripping virus suspension liquid and kept at room temperature for 24hours. The infectivity value is then measured.
Test result: Using the Reed-Muench formula, the TCID50 is calculated and converted into virus infectivityn value per 1 ml of the filtered liquid. (Removal rate of 99.9%)
The above test is conducted on one type of virus. The test result is not guaranteed in actual use environment.
Note: For details on the test result, refer to
Note: Model DCD1008 is excluded.



Eliminates foul-smelling exhaust gases!
The active carbon layer in the filters absorbs foul-smelling exhaust gases when the car is in a traffic jam.


Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Total anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection!
Anti-bacterial chemicals in the green layer control the growth of bacteria and mould on the filter, ensuring clean air for infants and the elderly.
Anti-bacterial performance
Bacterium cultivated for 18 hours
Anti-fungal performance
Mould spores cultivated for 2 weeks
Products without anti-bacterial treatment DENSO products
Positive growth No growth


Genuine Quality

Consistent Ventilation

Maintaining smooth air flow
Ingenious filter design by a genuine car air-conditioner manufacturer delivers superior dust removal and deodorizing effects while maintaining comfortable ventilation.


Superior dust removal

traps PM2.5 *1, *2, *3, *4

The use of a newly-developed three-dimensional electrostatic non-woven filter material delivers high dust removal.

The filter traps pollen from Japanese Cedar, Hinoki Cypress and other plants as well as yellow sand, dust, and other microparticles.
*1 PM2.5 (fine particulates) refers collectively to airborne particles 2.5 microns in size or smaller.
*2 The above removal rates refer to the dust removal efficiency for one pass through the filter under the following conditions (in tests conducted by DENSO).
Specimen size: 216.5mm x 195mm x 29mm (WxDxH), Airflow rate: 240 m3/h
Tested powders: 8 types of JIS powder (1 micron or larger), atmospheric dust (smaller than 1 micron)
*3 The removal of particulate matter smaller than 0.3 micron by this filter cannot be verified. The filter does not remove all harmful matter in the air. The performance values given above are based on the above test, and might differ in a real environment.
*4 Excluding model DCD 1008.





What is the Replacement Timing?

DENSO recommends replacement interval to be once a year or after every 10,000km mileage.

The filter is not intended for reuse.

The activated carbon is effective for only 1 year, after which its deodorizing effect deteriorates.

It is not possible to eliminate all the dust trapped within the fine fibres.

The filter may look clean but is actually clogged up.


How Do I Convince My Customers to Replace?

Filter clogging can result in poor ventilation and poor air-conditioner performance.

Moreover, exhaust odours may become noticeable if the activated carbon is not working as effectively.




How Does DENSO Green Clean Air Filter Compare Against Competitors?

Test Items Results Remarks

Pressure Loss (Pa)
560 m3/h

  • "Pressure Drop" is an indication of airflow volume after installng CAF. The lower the pressure drop, the better the cooling performance.


  • "Dust removal (%)" is an indication of how efficient CAF is in catching dust, pollen, etc.


  • Combining these 2 factors, DENSO Green CAF, as compared to its competitors, is the only CAF to give you maximum cooling performance, & is also consistently efficient in catching dust and pollen.


Dust Removal (%)
Pollen, etc

(JIS NO. 8 240 m3/h)

Additional Functions
Deodorizer (%)

  • Indicator of ability to deodorize the car cabin.


  • DENSO has higher deodorising % than its competitors, thus is better at reducing bad smell in the car cabin. No more enduring bad smell while in the car!