Compressor Oil lubricates the compressor parts for proper functioning.

The use of incorrect compressor oils, such as universal oils or oil mixtures, inevitably leads to seizure and damage. This is because universal oils, often preferred by garages, are PAO-oils or mineral oils with a different viscosity to that of synthetic PAG-oils. PAO-oils do not mix well with PAG-oils and with refrigerant R134a or R1234yf, leading to poor lubrication and increased wear.

Furthermore, the different viscosities cause a thinner oil film to form between the cylinder and piston, leading to seizure or the reduction in the life expectancy of the compressor.

For refilling of compressor oil, refer to the compressor identification label to identify the correct oil type and amount of oil inside the compressor. For COOL GEAR compressor, you can also refer to COOL GEAR Car AC and Radiator Catalogue for the amount required for top-up.

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